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A Letter from 2015 - 2016 Fair Ambassador, Jacqui Walker

This year I have had the incredible privilege and honour of being the Glencoe Fair Ambassador. My journey started in September, when I competed along with three other lovely ladies for this opportunity. All four of us were able to further our skills in interviewing and public speaking, and we were given a behind-the-scenes look at how the fair runs. Since then, I have been able to be in the Santa Claus parade, visit local schools, be a part of the tractor pull, as well as attend and hand out prizes at the Red Brand Sale and the 4-H Banquet. I attended the District 13 meeting here in Glencoe, the OAAS Convention in Toronto, where I was able to bond with other ambassadors from Ontario. To conclude my year, I had the phenomenal experience of representing our area in the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition in August.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a small town girl than I have been as a fair ambassador. Although our community may be small, the past year has proven to me that size truly does not matter. Thank you to all who support our fair, and especially those who support our ambassador competition, with generous donations, words of congratulations, attendance, endless encouragement, and volunteer work. That being said, none of this is possible without the work of the Agricultural Society and the Ambassador Committee. Thank you all for working to make the Ambassador Program an incredible experience for me. It has been such a rewarding year and for that I cannot be more grateful.

To this year’s Ambassador contestants: Be proud of yourselves! It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself forward for an experience like this, but so very worth it. You will grow as an individual and develop skills you didn’t know you had because of this. This weekend is going to be phenomenal for you, and I hope you enjoy seeing Glencoe Fair from a completely new point of view, I know I sure did. To the next ambassador in line: Congratulations! I know you will be an fantastic representative of Glencoe, and I cannot wait to see what you do in the coming year. So many doors will be opened for you because you chose to participate in this incredible program. You will acquire new skills, meet all kinds of amazing people, and feel so very welcomed into our community.

Although I am sad to be ending my year, I know that this is only the beginning to my future contributions to Glencoe Fair. Thank you again to everyone who made this year possible.


Jacqui Walker,

Glencoe Fair Ambassador 2015-2016






 A word from the Committee:

The Glencoe Fair Ambassador program is a long running tradition and element of the annual Glencoe Fall Fair. The Fair Ambassador committee, along with the executive of the Glencoe Agricultural Society would like to announce that the program will now feature a $1000.00 bursary to be awarded to the individual that is named the 2017-2018 Glencoe Fair Ambassador. The Glencoe Agricultural Society values commitment to the community and educational opportunities for youth, which is why we have implemented this new element of the program. Thank you,

Sincerely, Glencoe Fair Ambassador Committee

 2017 Ambassador Committee:

Chairperson: Carleigh McInnes (1-519-614-5752) & Jodie Aldred (1-519-902-3201) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Committee Members: Morgan MacTavish, Meagan McGill, Taylor McLean, Lauren Tenkate, Stephanie McCallum, Mary Anne Zwambag, Carrie Fraleigh-DeSchutter, Jacob Weber & Jacqui Walker


Former Fair Ambassadors

  • 2017 ~ Taylor Chalupka
  • 2016 ~ Lisa Bueckert & Lauren Moore
  • 2015 ~ Jacqui Walker
  • 2014 ~ Jacob Weber
  • 2013 ~ Morgan MacTavish
  • 2012 ~ Megan McGill
  • 2011 ~ Taylor McLean
  • 2010 ~ Lauren Tenkate
  • 2009 ~ Jenna Zwambag
  • 2008 ~ Jennara Field
  • 2007 ~ Kaleigh Elliot
  • 2006 ~ Jannelle Davenport (Crocker)
  • 2005 ~ Natalie Charron (Mahovlich)
  • 2004 ~ Sarah Doub
  • 2003 ~ Frances Minnema
  • 2002 ~ Shannon Havens (Thornicroft)
  • 2001 ~ Courtney McKellar (Bailey)
  • 2000 ~ Erin Blackmore
  • 1999 ~ Julie Warren (Stoddart)
  • 1998 ~ Natasja Bakker (Hammond)


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Lauren Moore

CNE Representative


Lisa Bueckert


 Jacqui Walker


 Jacob Weber


Morgan MacTavish


Former Fair Queens

  • 1997 ~ Loni Grover
  • 1996 ~ Robin McRae
  • 1995 ~ Marisa Forest
  • 1994 ~ Lara McEachren (Howe)
  • 1993 ~ Julie McCallum (Khan)
  • 1992 ~ Heather Simpson (Jakobi)
  • 1991 ~ Shana McEachren
  • 1990 ~ Tanya McLachlan
  • 1989 ~ Cathy Apps (Shaver)
  • 1988 ~ Yvonne Janssen
  • 1987 ~ Tina Mitchell
  • 1986 ~ Chris Sivak
  • 1985 ~ Rhonda Haggith (Linker)
  • 1984 ~ Debbie Barnes (Bechard)
  • 1983 ~ Lenore McColl (Patterson)
  • 1982 ~ Tracey Knight
  • 1981 ~ Tracey Leckie (VanVeen)
  • 1980 ~ Diane VanAlstyne
  • 1979 ~ Kathy Mayhew (Smulders)
  • 1978 ~ Ruth McLean (Hartland)
  • 1977 ~ Marlia Johnston (Gossett)
  • 1976 ~ Carol McLean (Edwards)
  • 1975 ~ Margaret Ann McColl (Sweete)
  • 1974 ~ Maria VanBurgsteden
  • 1973 ~ Mary Winship
  • 1972 ~ Cheryl Thompson(Webster)
  • 1971 ~ Linda Dobbyn (McColl)
  • 1970 ~ Carol Anne Campbell (Cuzzacaira)
  • 1969 ~ Johanna Deputter (Kahnert)
  • 1968 ~ Nancy Mahovlich (Drake)
  • 1967 ~ Nancy McKellar (Knight)