3rd Annual Junior Fair Ambassador Program


2017 Junior Fair Ambassador Winner
Gabrielle Batte
Jr Ambass 2017 GabyBatte
2017 Contestants
Jr Fair Ambass 2017
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Junior Ambassador Contestants:
 Back Row: L to R:
Wyatt Cummings, Emma Foley, Alison Cuthbert, Jack Ryan,
Ryleigh Lovell, Rayah Bressette, Mikayla Turnbull
Front Row: L to R:
Reegan Eberle, Anna Nevin, Mackenzie DeWaele, Katie Nevin,
Aubre Lovell, Gaby Batte, Payton Waller-Burnett
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Letter from the 2015-2016 Junior Fair Ambassador, Janelle Turner

Having the opportunity to be part of the Junior Fair Ambassador Program was amazing!  I am very grateful for all of the work everyone put into this experience.  On the first dayof the program, the judges had us play differentgames so they couldget to know us better.  After, we got to ride around town on a wagon pulled by horses.  We were also lucky to be able to go on a tour of a Dairy Farm.  My family & I have a Beef cattle farm; it was very cool to see how different the two types of cattle farms are.  Despite the chilly temperatures that day, I had a lot of fun!


The night of the variety show at the fair was incredible.  All the Junior Fair Ambassador contestants were dressed up and ready to see who the winner was.  Then, I was told that I was the 2ndeverGlencoeJunior Fair Ambassador!! The audience was full of energythat night; it felt like they blew the roof off with all the applause!! I was truly honoured to have been chosen from such a great group of contestants. On the Saturday of the Fair, I was able to be part of the parade & rode in a convertible with my sash & tiara.  People lined the streets to watch the parade; it was super fun to see all of the smiling faces.  After the parade, the other contestants & I helped out in the exhibit buildings& also handed out ribbons at the different animal shows.  

I also was able to take part in the Christmas celebration by riding on a float in the parade again.  Afterwards, the other contestants & I were elves, helping Santa Claus see all the kids.                          

In January, I was asked to take part in the Ag Society‚Äôs annual Chilli Cook-Off;I was able to try different chilli recipes and then presented the award to the winner.  

All of the experiences I had with the Junior Fair Ambassador program were unforgettable; I would definitely encourage others to take part in this event!

Thanks to the Glencoe Agricultural Society for everything they have done!

Janelle Turner

2016-2017 Glencoe Junior FairAmbassador



Janelle Turner,

Junior Fair Ambassador 2016-2017



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Former Junior Fair Ambassadors:

  • 2017 ~ Gabrielle Batte
  • 2016 ~ Janelle Turner
  • 2015 ~ Hannah Holder